1. Semantic Intelligence
2. Linguistic Technology
3. Cerebral Cooperative Development
4. Ontological Management
5. Powerfull Knowledge Base


Yahoo Finance (Wall Street):Google is today the most valuable company in the world (560 billion dollars), and worths more than the whole Brazilian stock market even with this limit (32 words). If Google could now perform the searches Synaption reaches with semantic similarity metric, it would double its market value exceeding $ 1 trillion.​ Link

NBC Right Now:"[Synaption] lets you gather information that once processed generates conclusions, as in the half-year anticipation that Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump would respectively be the Democratic and Republican candidates to the US elections." Link

Fox14:"When the platform [Synaption] was still in its embryonic stage, technical studies was able to point with six months in advance, the high probability of Germany to eliminate Brazil in the 2014 World Cup, a fact that it was confirmed. For FIFA rankings the platform projected the top ten after the World Cup, and it hit nine." Link

ABC6News:"Duo Sousuo (in Mandarin 多 搜索, “Duo soussô”) is the first search webservice generated toward the Chinese market made by an occidental company [Synaption]." Link

CBS8KFMB:"The other data collection line that integrates Synaption project is the multiple monitoring of search tools by detecting the public opinion called “base of intentions" Link

OverBr: "The software uses technology based on neuroplasticity of information and sharing of brain content via Internet. This means the possibility of each person individually influences the results of search engines" Link

Terra Portal:The goal of Synaption technology (whose name derives from the contraction synapsis + disruption) is that each result of a search is different for each person, depending on the ontologies (knowledge) of each individual and their scale of values. Link

Pokemon Go: Free Brazilian platform increases players' performance. The PokemonSearch web service is responsible for making scans on databases about the game (as Pokedex, Veekun, Pikasaur and Bulbapedia) and indicates attack potential data, defense force, capture rate, skills, statistics and data about Pokémon in worldwide. It allows to discover things like Pikachu's name in Japanese, which is ピ カ チ ュ ウ. Link

"Recent publication of a corporate report pointing out that a new search technology [Synaption] might do Google double its market value was posted on Yahoo Finance". Link

Exame Magazine:"Search engine innovation. This has been the main goal of most technology companies specialized in data analytics market. An effective example of data analysis tool that has recently been highlighted in international market is in the Synaption project." Link

The digital observatories developed by Synaption are artifacts of automatic information collect (without human intervention) in social networks and news published on the Internet that organize content for reading and monitoring. By accessing the web address http://www.synaption.com/observatories/pokemongo/ is possible to see that the data collection is done live and instantly brings up to date information. By reading the posts it is possible to identify the very recently content produced as some 30 seconds, 1 minute or 2 minutes before the access. During the reading, it is also feasible to realize that new posts are automatically entered at the interface, without reloading the whole address. Link

“Technology [Synaption] causes impact on the second largest stock market of the world”. Link

FinanzNachrichten (Germany): "Google is known as a great seeker. But in the current market there are thousands of other search engines in niches and content sites that detect, in detail, which are best answers to what people are looking for. In this perspective it was developed by Synaption the webservice search called MegaSearch" Link

Financial Buzz: "Digital Prediction Software is Featured in International Market" Link


Human/Machine cerebral hybridization
Life outside brain​



SYNAPTION – Communication to the market about material fact

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Prediction & Forecast
​Detecting tendences
Monitoring intentions
Technological immersion
​Scenarios & Anticipation
Social Media inferences & Search Engine deduction


2014 Fifa World Cup: "German Team eliminates Brazilian Team (Semi 1) and wins the Word Cup"
​ Synaption forecast formulated on January 2014

2014 Brazilian Presidential Elections (1st round):
Roussef 41,32%
Neves 36,36%
Silva 22,31%
​107,95% better than Ibope

​Caucus (digital opinion detection):
Synaption prediction: 85%
Final result: 86,5%

Fifa top 10 Ranking prediction (07/14/2014):
1. Germany, 2. Argentina, 3. Netherlands, 4. Belgium, 5. Colombia, 6. Uruguay, 7. Spain, 8. Brazil, 9. Switzerland, 10. Greece.
​ On target: 9/10 (final list below, 07/17)

2016 Impeachment Scenario in Brazil

First voting, Lower House of Deputies
Synaption prediction (12 months in advance): 365 votes (or more)
Final result: 367
Current scenario, Federal Senate.
First voting, Senate
Synaption prediction (12 months in advance): 54 votes (or more)
Final result: 55 votes
Impeachment Scenario in Brazil 2016

US 2016
Coeficiente Digital Synaption US 2016
Digital Inteligence Report 2016


Web Situation Room 2.0
Digital Labs​
Collaborative Virtual Situation Room


1 Juris Search

2 Medicine Search


1 Megasearch

2 Alternativesearch

3 Megasearch2

4 US News Search

5 Euro News Search

6 Medical Search

7 Sport Search

8 Duo Sousuo Search

9 NASA Multi Search

10 NASA Spinoff Multi Search

11 Pokemon Search

12 International Organizations

13 Humans Rights

14 TCC Search

15 Financials Institutions

16 Biodiversity Search

17 Scientific Search

18 Stocks Search

19 Oil and Gas Companies

20 Shopping Web Search

21 Stay Search